A weekend on Thassos island

After a good night's sleep in the peaceful environment of Aelia Villa, you can start planning your adventure on the emerald island of the Aegean Sea on your balcony  filling with energy and good spirits from the view of the clear sea and the Aegean sun bright upon you.

You can start from one of the most famous beaches of the island, the beach Saliara – Marble Beach. Saliara Beach, or otherwise Marble Beach, is an exotic beauty beach with turquoise waters and white sand. To reach the beach you will be driving on wide dirt road which leads to a park before the beach.

After enjoying your day at the beach, you can return back to Limenas, to know the capital of the island and to admire the beauty of the ancient civilisation of Thassos. You can visit the ancient city, the ancient theater and the archaeological museum of the island which is one of the most important in Greece. Then you can either dine in one of the numerous restaurants and traditional taverns of Limenas, or to experience traditional hospitality with a visit to the picturesque village Kazaviti. Visit the village and enjoy traditional cuisine in the shade of plane trees. Then you can drive to the mountain villages Theologos and Potamia,, visit traditional cafes and tavernas and to admire the sunset, in a breathtaking scenery.