Aelia Villa Family: Who are we?

 Aelia Villa is a family owned business, which opened its doors to welcome its guests in 2015. Originally me and my husband come from 2 different big cities of Greece but our family settled down on Thassos after a couple of visits to the emerald island, which mesmerized us and kept summoning us back like the Sirens enchanted Odyssey.

So after we built our home in Limenas, just 30m from the sea, we hoped to find a way to share this breath-taking beauty with all the people we could. That's when we decided to build Aelia Villa right next to our home! While you get to know the island better you’ll discover its untouched, natural environment and the calmness of your surroundings; key factors on us deciding to have and raise our child here.

So we’d love to welcome you and make you feel at home in our own small piece of paradise, here in Limenas, in Aelia Villa!